End credits Detection

Keeping your viewers engaged when
they are about to leave

The most accurate timestamp

Our Cloud AI service leverages pattern analysis, Probabilistic AI, and configurable parameters to accurately define closing credits even on top of visuals.

Saving your viewers
90% of the time lost

By defining end credits in any content type (movies, series, animation etc.)



The most precise way to cut the least interesting out (with 99.99% accuracy). And safely switch to another movie or episode without losing anything essential.


Save the viewers extra time by suggesting to skip earlier, when a credits segment appears over visuals. Let them decide whether to keep watching.

Ensure seamless viewing journey

Benefit from the EndCredits Cloud AI that:

  • Supports any content type / any language
  • Saves 8h out of every 100h content watched
  • Transparent costs, ready for integration.
  • Scaled over millions of movie frames daily
  • Adjustable to any needs of the M&E industry

We are
here for

  • Telecoms
  • OTT providers
  • Broadcasters
  • TV channels
  • Content owners

Let your viewers be content!

We are AI Scientists, researchers, enablers. We strive to make the world a better, more understandable place. There’s enough entropy in the world. We want to reduce the amount.

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